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Cecile is originally an Alberta artist where she taught watercolour classes for many years. Since her move to the Okanagan, she has been inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the mountains, lakes and especially the length of the growing season.

She works mainly in watercolour due to the spontaneity and transparency of the medium but also enjoys working in oils, pastels,fluid acrylic and mixed media. Her subjects are mainly florals, portraits, still lifes and landscapes.

Cecile likes to simplify shapes in her paintings and concentrate more on the abstract design necessary to the foundation in a painting. She considers rhythm and flow of pattern to be qualities that guide the eye through the work.

I try to strive for the qualities necessary to guide the viewer’s eye through the work by concerning myself with the rhythm and flow of pattern. I am interested in creating an abstract design, which I find is essential to the foundation of a forceful piece. In order to give importance to the center of interest, I study the positive and negative shapes for impact and position the lights and darks throughout the work. I feel that there is an art to the way life is viewed. I truly believe that by thinking creatively with a positive attitude, I can achieve that quality in my work and my life.

Cecile Derkatch
Artist Statement